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Matjaz is first and foremost a family man – his greatest joy in life is his wife Robyn and their three daughters.

His passion is design and has been since he began drawing in high school in the late 1980s. It’s a magic moment for the client and for Matjaz when clients see what they want in a design by Matjaz. And it’s more than design, Matjaz is also a builder. His attention to detail and personal standards along with his knowledge of zoning and building standards and green technology give clients confidence that their home has been designed and built with the same care that Matjaz would do for his own family. Simply put, he creates homes that last - homes that clients love. Quality and integrity are not just words but truly the way Matjaz does business. He couldn’t do it any other way.

Matjaz has the experience and expertise to help clients make their vision come to life. His design work and builds are across Canada. And he has a long list of clients who are happy to refer him to others….perhaps the greatest testament of all to his work.

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